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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth LP (Black Vinyl)

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth LP (Black Vinyl)

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the anticipation of "FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH," set to release on February 29th, 2024, with this curated selection of tracks on a brand-new vinyl!

"FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH" marks the highly awaited addition to the FINAL FANTASY VII remake project. Crafted by the original creators, this installment reimagines the iconic original game, breaking it down into three standalone titles. The game introduces players to a fresh narrative, enriched with new elements that unfold as the story progresses, ultimately leading the party to "The Forgotten Capital" from the original FINAL FANTASY VII. It's a journey that promises excitement and surprises for both newcomers and fans of the classic.



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Barcode: 4988601470759



Aerith Side
01. 旅の途中で ‐カームの街角‐
02. 牧場の少年
03. チャドリーのテーマ
04. チョコボ・デ・グラスランド
05. FFVII メインテーマ Battle Edit
Tifa Side
06. ジュノンエリア
07. ジュノンエリア Battle Edit
08. アンダージュノン ‐黄昏の村‐
09. マテリアキーパー



On Our Way -Some of Kalm-
Farm Boy
Chadley’s Theme
Grasslands de Chocobo
F F Ⅶ Main Theme (Battle Edit)
The Junon Region
The Junon Region (Battle Edit)
Under Junon -Sunless Oasis-
Materia Guardian