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Dragon Ball (Hit Song Collection) LP (Orange Vinyl)

Dragon Ball (Hit Song Collection) LP (Orange Vinyl)

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Dive into the reverberations of history with the iconic series opener, "Makafushigi Adventure!," which originally debuted in 1986. Relive the closing moments of the show through the enchanting strains of "Romantic Ageruyo." Emanating the very essence of Dragon Ball's essence, these tracks are intrinsically woven into the fabric of the series.

The resounding voice of Masako Nozawa, the beloved Son Goku voice actor, brings life to the moving "Son Goku Song," evoking the spirit of the show's protagonist. Equally enthralling is "Wolf Hurricane," a rendition by Toru Furuya, known for his vocal prowess as Yamcha and recognized for his roles in "Kyojin no Hoshi" and "Kidousenshi Gundam."

This anthology is an embodiment of the nostalgia that accompanies "Dragon Ball," further adorned with the resonating strains of "Mutenroushi no Oshie," sung by the legendary Kohei Miyauchi, the voice behind the sage Kame Sennin. Delve into the musical mosaic of this collection that comprises a total of 10 cherished melodies.

For ardent "Dragon Ball" aficionados, this anthology stands as an absolute treasure trove. The crystalline harmonies, the evocative melodies, and the profound connection to the series make this a definitive masterpiece to be cherished.

Record Label:

Columbia - HMJA 140




A1. Makafushigi adventure! / Hiroki Takahashi
A2. Mezase Tenkaichi / Hiroki Takahashi
A3. Dragon Ball Densetsu / Hiroki Takahashi
A4. Mr. Dream wo Sagase / Ushio Hashimoto
A5. Aoki Tabibitotachi / Hiroki Takahashi

B1. Fushigi Wonderland / Wonderland Gang
B2. Mutenroushi no Oshie/Kohei Miyauchi
B3. Son Goku Song / Masako Nozawa
B4. Wolf Hurricane / Toru Furuya
B5. Romantic Ageruyo / Ushio Hashimoto