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Dorohedoro Original Soundtrack  2xLP (Black Vinyl)

Dorohedoro Original Soundtrack 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

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Introducing the Dorohedoro Original Soundtrack 2xLP (Black Vinyl) from Plastic Stone Records! Immerse yourself in the captivating and dark world of this beloved anime series through its stunning music. Composed by [Composer Name], this soundtrack perfectly captures the essence of Dorohedoro's unique and gritty atmosphere.

This limited edition 2xLP set features a sleek and elegant black vinyl pressing, ensuring the highest audio quality for your listening pleasure. With its striking cover art and meticulously crafted packaging, it's a must-have collector's item for fans and vinyl enthusiasts alike.

Relive your favorite moments from Dorohedoro as you indulge in the immersive soundscape of this incredible soundtrack. Let the haunting melodies and pulsating beats transport you to the twisted streets of Hole, where magic and mayhem collide. Whether you're a fan of the series or simply appreciate exceptional anime music, this vinyl release is a must-add to your collection. 


Record Label:

Sad Disco SADI17




khost - Redacted Recalcitrant Repressed
Candie Hank - Dorohedoro Zombie Slushi
Big Lad - Eating food and fighting Wizards
NAH - Enter the Hole
hanali - She is a devil
Shackleton - Transformations
Ghengis - The Hole
Roly Porter - Don't Think, Just Kill
Dead Fader - Kaimans Head
Dow Jones Brotherhood - Radio 538
Ed Cox - Stay down zombies!