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Death Note Original Soundtrack Vol. 3 - Hideki Tanuichi and Yoshihisa Hirano  2xLP (Brown Marble Vinyl)

Death Note Original Soundtrack Vol. 3 - Hideki Tanuichi and Yoshihisa Hirano 2xLP (Brown Marble Vinyl)

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Immerse yourself once again in the dark and thrilling world of "Death Note" with the mesmerizing "Death Note: Original Soundtrack (Volume 3)" composed and arranged by Hideki Taniuchi and Yoshihisa Hirano. Available now on captivating brown marbled double vinyl.

This volume of the "Death Note: Original Soundtrack" takes you on a musical journey through the intense and thought-provoking moments of the renowned anime series. Hideki Taniuchi and Yoshihisa Hirano's exceptional compositions breathe life into the complex characters and gripping narrative, capturing the essence of Light Yagami's quest for justice and the consequences he faces.

Pressed on brown marbled double vinyl, this edition adds a visually stunning element to your collection. The warm and intricate patterns of the vinyl complement the atmospheric nature of the music, creating a truly immersive experience as you dive into the world of "Death Note."

The release includes inserts that provide additional insights and expand your understanding of the series. Delve into the minds of Hideki Taniuchi and Yoshihisa Hirano as they share their creative process and the inspirations behind their remarkable musical contributions.

Record Label:

Microids Records DV4797

Barcode: 3309450047977



A01. Kyrie II 2:21
A02. Semblance of Dualism 1:35
A03. Low of Solipsism II 1:42
A04. Death Note Theme ~intrumental~ 0:45
A05. Tactics of the Absolute 0:50
A06. Kyrie for ochestra 1:19
A07. Air 1:59
A08. Light Lights Up Light for piano 2:04
A09. Dark Light 1:58
A10. L’s Barrier 2:19

B01. Throbbing 3:15
B02. Uneasiness 2:58
B03. Air of Tension 3:09
B04. Higuchi 2:52
B05. Shiver B 3:02
B06. Conference Room of Yotsuba Murders 3:20

C01. Anger 3:16
C02. The World of Death Gods B 2:32
C03. L’s Friend 2:05
C04. Misa’s Theme A 2:33
C05. Misa’s Theme B 2:33
C06. Intro 2:22

D01. Sakura TV 1:38
D02. The Reasoning 3:34
D03. Suspicious 3:29
D04. Yotsuba Group 2:49
The Secret 3:23
The Sound of Hands on the Clock 2:59