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David Buckley - The Sandman Soundtrack 2xLP (Gold Marble Vinyl)

David Buckley - The Sandman Soundtrack 2xLP (Gold Marble Vinyl)

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Waxwork Records proudly presents THE SANDMAN Original Soundtrack Music From The Netflix Series by David Buckley. Based on Neil Gaiman's beloved award-winning DC comics, The Sandman weaves a rich tapestry of myth and dark fantasy, following Dream on his epic adventures across ten captivating chapters.

Immerse yourself in The Dreaming, a realm where The Sandman, Master of Dreams (Tom Sturridge), gives shape to our deepest fears and fantasies. When Dream is unexpectedly captured and held prisoner for a century, the absence sets off a series of events that will forever change both the dreaming and waking worlds. To restore order, Dream embarks on a journey across diverse worlds and timelines, confronting old friends, foes, and cosmic entities along the way.

About the composer:

David Buckley, born in England, made his mark in film music as a cathedral choirboy performing on Peter Gabriel's score for The Last Temptation of Christ. A Cambridge University alumnus, he collaborated with Harry Gregson-Williams on film scores like Shrek The Third and Gone Baby Gone after moving to Los Angeles in 2006. His talent graced films like Wonder Woman, the entire Fifty Shades series, Big Eyes, and American Hustle. David's music was also featured in David O'Russell's Joy. His accolades include being honored as a 'Brit to Watch' by BAFTA.

For television, David composed the music for the hit Scott Free/CBS drama series The Good Wife and its spin-off, The Good Fight, earning him an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Title Music.

With The Sandman Soundtrack 2xLP (Gold Marble Vinyl), dive into the enchanting world crafted by David Buckley's masterful compositions. Let the evocative melodies and rich orchestrations transport you to a realm where dreams and reality intertwine. An essential addition for vinyl collectors and fans of The Sandman series alike.

Record Label:

Waxwork WW164




The Kingdom of Dreams
Meet Ethel Cripps
The Threshold of Desire
Jessamy's Flight
The House of Secrets
Dream's Escape
Johanna & Rachel
The Oldest Game
A Kind Word And A Friendly Face
God Tells Me To Do It
Every Hundred Years
A True Annulet
Dreams Shape The World
The Throne Room Of The King Of Dreams
Jed Walker, Guardian Of Sleepers
Sleep Well, John
New Dreams To Spur The Minds Of Men
Even A Nightmare Can Dream
A Remedy For Poison
The Truth Of Mankind
Into The Vortex
Return To The White Horse
This Is Fiddler's Green
Children Of The Endless
There Is Hope
New Dreams... A New Age
Fortune Go With You