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City Pop Story ~Urban  Ocean 2xLP (Color Vinyl)

City Pop Story ~Urban Ocean 2xLP (Color Vinyl)

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Embrace the essence of city pop with this captivating 2xLP release. The CD version features 14 selected tracks from its original release, and we're thrilled to present 6 new songs, making a total of 20 tracks for your enjoyment.

In a time where "city pop" encompasses various interpretations, this album stays true to the traditional "city pop" image, delivering satisfaction for all listeners. Focused on original songs from city pop's golden era (mid-70s to 80s), this collection offers a nostalgic journey through time.

Balancing well-loved classics and rediscovered tunes, this album caters to diverse tastes, including those of DJs and international fans. The two discs are divided into "Urban Side" (up-tempo) and "Ocean Side" (mellow), allowing you to choose the perfect ambiance.

Crafted under the guidance of "The Basics of City Pop" author, the album's planning, song selection, and commentary create an immersive experience. The LP's artwork features an evocative illustration by Hideto Suzuki, mirroring the book cover.

Discover your buying options and add this Color Vinyl 2xLP to your collection. Immerse yourself in city pop's magic as timeless melodies fuse with new discoveries.

Record Label:

Great Tracks - MHJL288

Barcode: 4547366616569



Urban Side
A1 Minako Yoshida– Light'n Up
A2 Epo (2)– 土曜の夜はパラダイス
A3 Hi-fi Set– 中央フリーウェイ
A4 Yurie Kokubu– Just A Joke
A5 Kimiko Kasai– バイブレイション
B1 Yoichi Takizawa– レオニズの彼方に
B2 久保田早紀– キャンパス街'81
B3 Takako Shirai– ピローケースにさようなら
B4 Yuko Ohtaki– 恋のウォーミング・アップ
B5 Tomoko Soryo– City Lights By The Moonlight
Ocean Side
C1 Taeko Ohnuki– 夏に恋する女たち
C2 Yoshitaka Minami– プールサイド
C3 Eiichi Ohtaki– 雨のウェンズデイ
C4 Bread & Butter (4)– Summer Blue
C5 Hiromi Go– 入江にて
D1 Jin Kirigaya– ウィンド・サーフィン
D2 Ken Tamura– Little Bit Easier
D3 伊藤美奈子– 誘魚灯
D4 Kaoru Sudo– 裸足のままで
D5 Mariya Takeuchi– グッドバイ・サマーブリーズ