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Charles Bernstein - Rumpelstiltskin OST LP (Grey Marble Vinyl)

Charles Bernstein - Rumpelstiltskin OST LP (Grey Marble Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person.

Unearth the spine-tingling magic of Charles Bernstein's Rumpelstiltskin OST LP, a mesmerizing musical journey pressed on exquisite Grey Marble Vinyl (Limited to 200 Copies). This long-awaited vinyl release invites you to immerse yourself in the sonic world of one of horror cinema's legendary composers.


  • Audio from Original Tapes: Experience the score as it was meant to be heard, with audio meticulously pulled from the original tapes. Every note and haunting melody comes to life in breathtaking clarity.

  • Liner Notes by Composer: Gain a deeper understanding of the music's creation and significance with liner notes penned by the composer himself. Charles Bernstein provides unique insights into the artistry behind this score.

  • Art by Earl Kess: The album's artwork, masterfully crafted by Earl Kess, graces the embossed gatefold packaging. It's a visual masterpiece that complements the music's dark and mysterious ambiance.

  • Synth-Driven Masterpiece: Charles Bernstein, best known for his iconic score for Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street, delivers a synth-driven masterpiece that perfectly enhances the eerie atmosphere of the beloved video rental store classic, Rumpelstiltskin.

A Tale of Horror and Suspense:

For those unfamiliar with Mark Jones' cult favorite film, Rumpelstiltskin's plot entwines a 15th-century imp named Rumpelstiltskin with modern-day Los Angeles. The story revolves around a recently widowed police officer's wife, who, accompanied by her baby, stumbles upon a witch's shop and unwittingly acquires a small jade figurine containing the trapped imp. This seemingly innocent act unleashes a malevolent force that demands possession of her child.

The blending of contemporary Los Angeles with the timeless Rumpelstiltskin tale adds a fresh and intriguing dimension to the story, making it a cherished classic among video rental store aficionados.

Record Label:

Graveface T.V.056




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Russ Killed
Truck Chase
Russ Returns
Through the Wall
Matilda's Shop
Shower Surprise
Windshield / Shelly Reads
Grab Trucker
Truck Chase
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Out Jail / Witch Dies
Takes Baby
Bulldozer / Back to Stone
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