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Castlevania (Original Video Game Soundtrack)  LP (Eco Vinyl)

Castlevania (Original Video Game Soundtrack) LP (Eco Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person 

Introducing the definitive auditory experience for fans of the iconic Castlevania series — the "Castlevania Original Video Game Soundtrack" LP on Eco Vinyl. Immerse yourself in the haunting melodies and epic compositions that have defined the atmosphere of the Castlevania universe for decades.

This limited-edition LP features a curated selection of tracks that have become synonymous with the suspense, horror, and gothic ambiance of the legendary video game franchise. From the eerie castle corridors to the intense boss battles, the soundtrack encapsulates the essence of Castlevania's immersive gameplay.

Crafted on Eco Vinyl, this release not only delivers an exceptional audio experience but also aligns with environmental consciousness. Eco Vinyl combines quality sound reproduction with a commitment to sustainability, making it the ideal choice for both audiophiles and environmentally conscious collectors.

The LP cover showcases exclusive, captivating artwork inspired by the Castlevania universe, providing a visual feast for fans and collectors alike. Whether you're reliving the nostalgia of classic gaming or discovering the evocative sounds of Castlevania for the first time, this soundtrack on Eco Vinyl is a must-have addition to your gaming and music collection.

  • Pressed on Black Eco Vinyl
  • 30th Anniversary Edition
  • Features original artwork by Becky Cloonan 


Record Label:


Barcode: 810041488046



A1 Underground 0:31
A2 Prologue 0:10
A3 Vampire Killer 1:16
A4 Stalker 1:16
A5 Wicked Child 2:08
A6 Walking On The Edge 1:44
B1 Heart Of Fire 2:14
B2 Out Of Time 1:23
B3 Nothing To Lose 1:35
B4 Poison Mind 0:34
B5 Black Night 0:57
B6 Voyager 0:56