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Castlevania 2: Simons Quest (1987 Original Soundtrack) LP (Eco Vinyl)

Castlevania 2: Simons Quest (1987 Original Soundtrack) LP (Eco Vinyl)

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Unveiling the timeless musical enchantment of Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest with the "1987 Original Soundtrack" LP on Eco Vinyl. Immerse yourself in the haunting echoes of the NES era as you experience the iconic compositions that shaped the dark and mysterious world of Simon Belmont's quest.

This limited-edition LP captures the essence of the classic 1987 release, featuring the unforgettable melodies that have become synonymous with the Castlevania legacy. From the eerie Transylvanian landscapes to the heart-pounding confrontations with legendary monsters, each track resonates with the suspense and adventure that defined the early days of gaming.

Crafted on Eco Vinyl, this release not only pays homage to the nostalgia of the original Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest soundtrack but also aligns with modern environmental consciousness. Eco Vinyl combines exceptional sound quality with a commitment to sustainability, making it the perfect choice for both dedicated collectors and those who appreciate eco-friendly innovations.

The LP cover showcases exclusive artwork inspired by the pixelated landscapes of the 1987 classic, providing a visual gateway to the nostalgic world of Simon's Quest. Whether you're a seasoned Castlevania enthusiast or a newcomer to the haunting melodies of the series, this soundtrack on Eco Vinyl is a collector's dream and a timeless addition to your gaming and music library.

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Barcode: 810041488053



NES Version
A1 Message Of Darkness
A2 The Silence Of The Daylight
A3 Bloody Tears
A4 Monster Dance
A5 Dwelling Of Doom
A6 Within These Castle Walls
A7 Last Boss
A8 A Requiem
A9 Game Over
Famicom Version
B1 Message Of Darkness
B2 The Silence Of The Daylight
B3 Bloody Tears
B4 Monster Dance
B5 Dwelling Of Doom
B6 Within These Castle Walls
B7 Last Boss
B8 A Requiem
B9 Game Over