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C2C - Tetra 2xLP (Blue Purple Translucent Vinyl - 10th Anniversary Version)

C2C - Tetra 2xLP (Blue Purple Translucent Vinyl - 10th Anniversary Version)

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Introducing the 10th Anniversary Edition of C2C's iconic album "Tetra" now available on mesmerizing blue purple translucent vinyl 2xLP!

C2C, the French electronic music group known for their innovative and genre-blending style, created waves in the music scene with their groundbreaking album "Tetra." Now, in celebration of its 10th anniversary, this special edition vinyl release is here to captivate fans all over again.

"Tetra" is a sonic journey that fuses together elements of hip-hop, electronic, funk, and soul, resulting in a truly unique and unforgettable sound. From the infectious beats to the intricate scratching and mesmerizing melodies, each track is a testament to the group's exceptional talent and creativity.

This limited edition 10th Anniversary Version comes on stunning blue purple translucent vinyl, adding a touch of visual splendor to the already captivating music. The vinyl pressing ensures the highest audio quality, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the intricate layers and sonic textures of C2C's music.


Record Label:

Onandon Records - OAO 021

Barcode: 3516628407512



A1 The Cell 4:59
A2 Down The Road 3:27
A3 Kings Season 3:51
A4 Because Of You 3:42
B1 Delta 3:44
B2 Who Are You 4:51
B3 Happy 3:55
B4 Give Up The Ghost 5:24
C1 The Beat 3:32
C2 Genius 4:10
C3 Together 4:51
D1 Arcades 4:24
D2 Le Banquet 4:56
D3 F.U.Y.A. 5:05