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Bloom Into You Original Soundtrack - Michiru Ōshima LP (Green Vinyl)

Bloom Into You Original Soundtrack - Michiru Ōshima LP (Green Vinyl)

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Introducing the enchanting "Bloom Into You Original Soundtrack" composed by Michiru Ōshima, now available on mesmerizing green vinyl.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of "Bloom Into You" with this beautiful soundtrack that perfectly complements the emotional journey of the beloved anime series. Michiru Ōshima's masterful compositions evoke a range of feelings, from tender moments of romance to introspective reflections and moments of pure joy.

The "Bloom Into You Original Soundtrack" is a treasure trove of musical gems, featuring a rich blend of orchestral arrangements, delicate piano melodies, and ethereal harmonies. Each track brings to life the heartfelt emotions and nuanced storytelling of the series, allowing you to relive your favorite moments with every listen.

This limited edition LP release on green vinyl adds a touch of elegance to your music collection. The vibrant green hue not only represents the blooming of love and self-discovery but also serves as a visual reminder of the lush landscapes and vibrant characters that make "Bloom Into You" so special.

Album is pressed on light green vinyl record.  

Record Label:

Microids Records DV12784

Barcode: 3701627800079



A01. In the Shadows of the Sunbeams 01:37
A02. Wandering Thoughts 01:53
A03. You Can Stay the Way You Are 02:14
A04. Sunrise 02:22
A05. A Couple of Sighs 01:37
A06. About to Be Trifled With 01:34
A07. Embrace 01:42
A08. I Don't Understand the Meaning of "Special“ 01:36
A09. Never Fall in Love with Me 02:19

B01. Touko Nanami's Confusion 02:14
B02. Expectations and Anxiety 01:55
B03. Repressed Memories 01:21
B04. Wavering Night 01:48
B05. Earnest Wish 02:58
B06. Embracing Loneliness 01:57
B07. Festering Thoughts 02:10
B08. I Want to See You 01:47
B09. Eye-Catch 1 00:07
B10. Eye-Catch2 00:08
B11. Eye-Catch 3 00:09