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Bloodborne - Original Soundtrack 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

Bloodborne - Original Soundtrack 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

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Stunning soundtrack to classic Soul game - Bloodborne. Released on heavy black vinyl via Laced Records. 



Record Label

Laced Records – LMLP017

Barcode: 5024545864717



A1 Ryan Amon– Omen
A2 Ryan Amon– The Night Unfurls
A3 Ryan Amon– Hunter's Dream
A4 Ryan Amon– The Hunter
A5 Tsukasa Saitoh– Cleric Beast
A6 Tsukasa Saitoh– Blood-starved Beast
B1 Yuka Kitamura– Watchers
B2 Ryan Amon– Hail The Nightmare
B3 Tsukasa Saitoh– Darkbeast
B4 Michael Wandmacher– The Witch Of Hemwick
B5 Yuka Kitamura– Rom, The Vacuous Spider
C1 Ryan Amon– Moonlit Melody
C2 Nobuyoshi Suzuki– The One Reborn
C3 Michael Wandmacher– Micolash, Nightmare Host
C4 Ryan Amon– Queen Of The Vilebloods
C5 Ryan Amon– Soothing Hymn
D1 Ryan Amon– Celestial Emissary
D2 Yuka Kitamura– Ebrietas, Daughter Of The Cosmos
D3 Tsukasa Saitoh– The First Hunter
D4 Ryan Amon– Moon Presence
D5 Ryan Amon– Bloodborne