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Bayonetta: Original Soundtrack 4xLP (Black Vinyl Boxset)

Bayonetta: Original Soundtrack 4xLP (Black Vinyl Boxset)

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Embark on a journey through the mystical world of Bayonetta, side by side with the enchanting Umbra Witch! Delve into the iconic soundtrack of this cult classic game, now presented in a lavish 4-disc vinyl box set!

This deluxe vinyl edition arrives in an opulent box, featuring four discs encased in individually illustrated sleeves. Additionally, discover a lavish 20-page illustrated booklet adorned with new insights and comments from the creative team. Immerse yourself in the music that brings the Bayonetta experience to life, encapsulated in this exquisite collector's item.



Record Label:

Wayô Records WAYOV018

Barcode: 3516628395918



1 Opening Scene
2 One Of A Kind
3 GM01 Chapter Start
4 EV02-2 The Angels Descend I
5 Riders Of The Light
6 Fly Me To The Moon (∞ Climax Mix)
7 EV03-1 Driving With Mr. Enzo
8 ST01 Crash Of The Transport Plane

1 The Gates Of Hell
2 ST02 Vigrid Station Platform
3 Theme Of Bayonetta -
Mysterious Destiny
4 ST03 The Old City Of Vigrid
5 EV06-1 The Angels Descend II
6 The Heavies

1 Summoning The Infernal Demon
2 Battle For The Umbra Throne
3 EV09-4 The Angels Descend IV
4 In Trouble!
5 EV10-1 The Mysterious Child, Cereza
6 ST04 A Town Swallowed By Lava
7 EV12-2 Action!
8 ST05 The Catacombs
9 Climatic Battle
10 Let’s Hit The Climax !

1 Fortitudo - In Labors And Dangers
2 ST06 The Sunrise And Crescent Valleys
3 Red & Black
4 EV15 Cereza
5 Temperantia - In Foregoing Pleasures

1 Splash Wave (∞ Climax Mix)
2 After Burner (∞ Climax Mix)
3 ST09 Paradiso - Sea Of Stars
4 Iustitia - In Giving
Every Man His Due
5 EV22-2 The Eyes Of The World
6 ST10 The Giant Military
Transport - Valkyrie

1 ST11 Save Cereza!
2 Sapientia - In The Choice
Between Good And Evil
3 Space Harrier (∞ Climax Mix)
4 Blood & Darkness
5 ST12 Ithavoll Building - Lower Floors
6 ST13 The Top Of The Ithavoll Building
7 EV29-5 The Death Of Luka

1 EV29-6 Balder
2 You May Call Me Father
3 EV30-1 End Of The Road
4 Friendship
5 EV32 The Death Of Jeanne
6 The Greatest Jubilee

1 EV33 The Demise?
2 EV35-1 Epilogue
3 Let’s Dance, Boys !
4 Memory
5 Bayonetta Image Song (Prototype A)
6 Bayonetta Image Song (Prototype C)
7 Mysterious Destiny (Retro Version)
8 Fly Me To The Moon