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Atlus Sound Team - Persona 3 Reload (Original Soundtrack) 4xLP (Holographic Broken Glass Vinyl)

Atlus Sound Team - Persona 3 Reload (Original Soundtrack) 4xLP (Holographic Broken Glass Vinyl)

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Introducing Persona 3 Reload, a complete reimagining of a pivotal installment in Atlus' beloved roleplaying series. With cutting-edge graphics, refined gameplay, updated character designs, and, of course, BRAND-NEW MUSIC, Persona 3 Reload sets a new standard for the franchise.

The Persona 3 Reload soundtrack pays homage to the iconic late-2000s style of the original game while infusing it with a modern twist. Its collection of "Reloaded" tracks playfully remix themes and melodies from the original tunes, adding unexpected elements to create a fresh and original sound. The Atlus Sound Team masterfully blends genres like opera, hip-hop, house, and more, ensuring that the unmistakable Persona flair shines through.

This is not just a rehash of old tunes; Persona 3 Reload's soundtrack stands confidently on its own. To honor this exceptional release, iam8bit presents the Persona 3 Reload 4xLP, featuring the entire "Reloaded" soundtrack pressed onto four stunning Holographic Broken Glass Vinyl discs. From upbeat head-bobbers like "When the Moon's Reaching Out" to soul-stirring melodies like "Aria of the Soul," each track receives the premium mastering treatment it deserves.

And the presentation? As expected from a Persona x iam8bit collaboration, the box set packaging is nothing short of premium. Adorned with stellar album art by Drew Wise, which reimagines the distinctive aesthetic of the game itself, this release is a true collector's item. It's a release worthy of S.E.E.S., guaranteed to be a cherished addition to your collection that you'll find yourself returning to again and again.



    Record Label:

    IAM8BIT 8BIT-8238

    Barcode: 850047432865



    SIDE A
    Full Moon Full Life
    Aria of the Soul
    This Mysterious Feeling
    Want To Be Close -Reload-

    SIDE B
    Unavoidable Battle
    Peace -Reload-
    When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars -Reload-
    Iwatodai Dorm -Reload-
    The Voice Someone Calls
    Mass Destruction -Reload-

    SIDE C
    After the Battle
    Color Your Night
    Deep Breath Deep Breath -Reload-
    Master of Shadow -Reload-
    Paulownia Mall -Reload-
    The Meaning of Armbands
    Bad Feeling
    Fearful Experience

    SIDE D
    During the Exam
    Everyone loves 1989
    Deep Mentality -Reload-
    It’s Going Down Now
    The Path is Open

    SIDE E
    The Path Was Closed
    Changing Seasons -Reload-
    Master of Tartarus -Reload-
    This is How It Should Be…
    Living With Determination

    SIDE F
    Afternoon Break
    Tanaka's Amazing Commodities -Reload-
    Memories from 10 Years Ago -Recollection-
    Memories from 10 Years Ago -Confrontation-
    Strength of Heart
    Memories of the City
    Memories of the School

    SIDE G
    Living With Determination -Iwatodai Dorm Arrangement
    What Lies in the Darkness
    Battle Hymn of the Soul
    Burn My Dread -Last Battle Reload-

    SIDE H
    Enduring Bonds
    I Will Protect You -Reload-
    Memories of You -Reload-
    Memories of You -Reload Instrumental-
    Full Moon Full Life -Opening Movie version-