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Anri - Heaven Beach LP (Clear Yellow Vinyl)

Anri - Heaven Beach LP (Clear Yellow Vinyl)

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Introducing the legendary City Pop album "Heaven Beach" by Anri, now available on black vinyl LP at our store.

Released in 1986, "Heaven Beach" is a classic of the Japanese City Pop genre, featuring Anri's angelic vocals, upbeat rhythms, and catchy hooks. The album captures the essence of summer and the beach, with songs that transport you to a world of sunshine, sand, and good vibes.

This LP edition has been carefully remastered from the original tapes, ensuring the highest quality sound possible. The black vinyl pressing also adds a touch of sophistication and style to the already stunning artwork.

"Heaven Beach" is a must-have for any fan of City Pop, Anri, or Japanese music in general. It's an album that has stood the test of time and continues to inspire generations of music lovers. Order now and experience the magic of this classic Japanese album on high-quality clear yellow vinyl.

  • Pressed on clear yellow vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Japanese press
  • First time reissued on vinyl record

Anri - Heaven Beach streaming:

Record Label:

For Life Music Entertainment, Inc. FLJF-9533




Side A
01. 二番目のaffair
02. Last Summer Whisper
03. Lonely Driving
04. Resolution
05. Fly By Day
Side B
06. Flash Back Memories
07. Honesty Man
08. Memorial Story
09. 夏に背を向けて
10. Heaven Beach