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Algiers - Shook 2xLP  (Gold Vinyl)

Algiers - Shook 2xLP (Gold Vinyl)

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Experience the raw power and soulful sound of Algiers with their latest album, "Shook", now available on an exclusive 2xLP gold vinyl release! With a sound that blends elements of gospel, punk, and soul, Algiers has been praised for their unique and dynamic approach to music.

This gold vinyl edition of "Shook" not only looks stunning, but it also captures the intensity and emotion of Algiers' live performances. Each track on this album is filled with raw energy, intricate instrumentation, and impassioned vocals, making it a must-have for any fan of alternative rock and soul.

Crafted with the highest standards of quality, this 2xLP gold vinyl release is the perfect addition to any audiophile's collection. The deluxe gatefold jacket and vibrant gold vinyl make it a stunning display piece that will stand out in any record collection.

Order your copy of Algiers' "Shook" 2xLP gold vinyl release now and experience the power and emotion of this incredible album in the best possible format. Don't miss out on this exclusive release from one of the most exciting bands in alternative music today!


Record Label

Matador – OLE1784LP

Barcode: 191401178402



A1 Everybody Shatter
A2 Irreversible Damage
A3 73%
A4 Cleanse Your Guilt Here
A5 As It Resounds
B1 Bite Back
B2 Out Of Style Tragedy
B3 Comment #2
B4 A Good Man
C1 I Can't Stand It!
C2 All You See Is...
C3 Green Iris
C4 Born
D1 Cold World
D2 Something Wrong
D3 An Echophonic Soul
D4 Momentary