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Akina Nakamori - Destination LP (Black Vinyl)

Akina Nakamori - Destination LP (Black Vinyl)

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DESTINATION (stylized as DESTINATION) marks the twenty-second studio album by the renowned Japanese singer Akina Nakamori, representing her third release in the 2000s. This musical journey was unveiled on 21 June 2006, courtesy of the Universal Music Japan label.

Within the album's repertoire are two original compositions by Akina herself, titled "Yoru no Hana" and "Love Gate," both credited under the pseudonym Miran:Miran. The album's jacket features imagery borrowed from the live pamphlet of Femme Fatale in 1988, adding a nostalgic touch to this contemporary release.

Record Label:


Barcode: 4988031592953



Side A
01. 紅夜-beniyo-
02. 嘘つき
03. Seashore
04. 眠れる森の蝶
05. 鼓動
06. GAME(Album Version)
Side B
07. 夜の華
08. 花よ踊れ(Album Version)
10. 落花流水(Album Version)
11. Only you
12. Grace Rain