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Akina Nakamori - Akina LP (Black Vinyl)

Akina Nakamori - Akina LP (Black Vinyl)

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Akina (明菜) stands as the twenty-fifth studio album by the esteemed Japanese singer Akina Nakamori. This musical masterpiece was unveiled on 8 November 2017 under the Universal Music Group Japan label. The album release is a poignant part of the celebration marking her 35th debut anniversary. Notably, it shares its release day with another significant work, the cover album "Cage," adding to the richness of this dual celebration.

Record Label:


Barcode: 4988031592984



Side A
01. メリークリスマス -雪の雫-
02. Amar es creer
03. 雨音
04. まぼろし
05. La.La.Bye
Side B
06. Amore
07. ひらり -SAKURA- 明菜version
08. fate ~運命のひと~
09. メリークリスマス -雪の雫- オルゴールversion