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Akiko Yano - Ai Ga Nakucha Ne  LP (Black Vinyl)

Akiko Yano - Ai Ga Nakucha Ne LP (Black Vinyl)

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Indulge in the delightful melodies of Akiko Yano's "Ai Ga Nakucha Ne," now available on black vinyl.

Originally released in 1982, "Ai Ga Nakucha Ne" is a masterpiece of Japanese pop music, showcasing Yano's unique style and musical prowess. The album features hits like "Harusaki Kobeni" and "Ashkenazy Who?," which have become classics of the genre.

This limited edition black vinyl release features a high-quality remaster of the original album, complete with a full-color inner sleeve and exclusive liner notes. The sleek design captures the essence of Yano's music, with its playful and catchy melodies.

Experience the magic of Akiko Yano's "Ai Ga Nakucha Ne" like never before with this essential LP release. Order now and add this classic to your collection of Japanese pop music.


Record Label

Wewantsounds – WWSLP47

Barcode: 3700604729853



A1 Ai Ga Nakucha Ne 4:53
A2 Kanashikute Yarikirenai 4:02
A3 What's Got In Your Eyes 4:07
A4 Oishii Seikatsu 1:14
A5 Michi De Batteri 2:15
B1 Onnatachiyo Otokotachiyo 4:05
B2 Aisuru Hito Yo 4:28
B3 Sleep On My Baby 3:59
B4 Another Wedding Song 2:42
B5 Donnatokimo Donnatokimo Donnatokimo 3:56
B6 Good Night 1:28