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88BIT AND SAVE POINT - Video Game LoFi: Super Mario 64  LP (Black Vinyl)

88BIT AND SAVE POINT - Video Game LoFi: Super Mario 64 LP (Black Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person.

Presenting a delightful collaboration from artists 88bit and Save Point, Video Game LoFi: Super Mario 64 pays homage to Koji Kondo's iconic soundtrack in a wave of nostalgia. The album, comprising 11 tracks, unfolds as a captivating tribute featuring exquisite piano arrangements, enveloping analog synths, and vibrant re-harmonization. These elements seamlessly merge cozy beats with reimagined melodies, creating a musical landscape enriched with jazzy LoFi undertones.

In reflecting on the collaborative process, 88bit expresses, "This was a truly collaborative effort, and I'm grateful Save Point approached me for this project. The album provided me with the opportunity to infuse a chill LoFi vibe into the Super Mario 64 songs, reshaping and presenting them in a new light." The artist emphasizes the unique transformation of the songs while maintaining their authenticity, expressing excitement for the VGM community and a hope that the tracks resonate with listeners worldwide.

Save Point shares insights into the authenticity-driven approach, stating, "We aimed for authenticity in every aspect of this album, and I'm thrilled with the final result. Employing only analog synths, such as the Prophet 5 and Novation Peak, contributed to capturing that warm, nostalgic feeling. Each track incorporates live piano, guitar, and percussion to create an atmosphere akin to a genuine conversation with an old friend. The collaborative journey with 88bit felt like a shared vision from the start, as we aimed to craft something uniquely comforting."


Record Label

Curaga Records CURE-0018-V



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Inside the Castle Walls
Bob-omb Battlefield
Wing Cap Mario
Cave Dungeon
Dire Dire Docks
Piranha Plant Lullaby
Koopa's Road
Bowser's Theme
Staff Roll