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100% Pure Poison - Coming Right At You LP (Black Vinyl)

100% Pure Poison - Coming Right At You LP (Black Vinyl)

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100% pure poison! A long-awaited LP reissue of the only album by the legendary 9-piece big band 100% PURE POISON, featuring the ultimate jazzy funk of rare groove, "Windy C", with its soulful and funky groove!

The sole album released in 1974 from this almighty group of nine musicians lead by Chicago native Danny Leake continues to turn up in the hands of the most determined collectors for good reason. Formed in the most unlikely of circumstances as a group of American military workers stationed in Germany, the band made one dazzling leap onto the frontline of soul before promptly disbanding and never looking back. As with all records that get marked with the coveted 'rare' status, what we don't know about the record outweighs what we do, but as the needle fits the groove on album opener 'You Keep Coming Back,' and the vocal and instrumental harmonies build into a frenzy, the addictive joy of the record takes hold for repeated listens.

P-VINE is delighted to be bringing this album back from the vaults for a limited pressing fitted with a unique Japanese obi strip.After the opener rich with soul, 'No More City, No More Country' changes pace with a psychedelic funk jam that blossoms into a piece of spiritual jazz and social commentary of 70s America. 'Windy C' is an album highlight and kicks off the B-side with a lost funk classic where the individual talents of Steve Maxwell's organ playing, Leake's guitar and John Jackson's percussion all combine to make the deftest of touches count. The wealth of compositional talent behind the album contributes to it's varied sound, and the might behind Marvin Daniels' vocals and trumpet playing joins Leake on the songwriting credits with producer Rick Hartung. Leake would later make his name as the trusted sound engineer of Stevie Wonder, but his roots as the mythical bandleader of 100% Pure Poison lives on in the books of rare record folklore.


Record Label:

P-Vine Records – PLP-7759

Barcode: 4995879077597



A1 You Keep Coming Back
A2 No More City, No More Country
A3 Boarding Pass
A4 Holes In My Shoes
A5 My Little Someone
B1 Windy C.
B2 (But You Say) You Want To Make It With Me
B3 Don't Let Your Pride, Overpower Your Love
B4 (And When I Said) I Love You
B5 Puppet On A Chain