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天気予報 - あすの天気 LP (Cobalt Blue Vinyl)

天気予報 - あすの天気 LP (Cobalt Blue Vinyl)

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Asutenki - Tomorrow’s Weather 

Experience the captivating sounds of Japanese vaporwave with 天気予報's latest album, あすの天気, now available on a stunning Cobalt Blue Vinyl edition!

This album features 12 tracks of dreamy, ethereal, and nostalgic sounds that perfectly captures the essence of vaporwave. With its lush melodies, atmospheric textures, and hypnotic beats, あすの天気 takes listeners on a sonic journey through a world of wistful nostalgia and ambient beauty.

The Cobalt Blue Vinyl edition adds an extra layer of visual appeal to the listening experience, with its striking, blue-colored vinyl that perfectly complements the album's themes and aesthetic. The jacket features stunning artwork that captures the essence of 天気予報's sound and vibe, while the printed inner sleeve provides extra detail and information.

Whether you're a fan of vaporwave, Japanese music, or just in the mood for a dreamy and ambient album, あすの天気 on Cobalt Blue Vinyl is the perfect addition to your vinyl collection. Don't miss out on this rare and captivating release – order yours today!


Record Label:

Tiger Blood Tapes – TBT040

Barcode: 885007840619


A1 11:00
A2 現在のプログラムガイド
A3 1986年~1992年 BGM
A4 雨と雪
A5 夜の現在のプレゼンテーション
A6 熊本県
A7 雪と雨
A8 主催
A9 CMブレーク 「Vol. XXIII」
A10 今夜のメインプログラム
A11 1:00
A12 世界中の明日の天気
B13 分解
B14 Night Together
B15 Raindrops
B17 あすの天気
B18 風・夢・天使
B19 旧式
B20 CMブレーク 「Vol. XXIV」
B21 1:30
B22 Announcements!
B23 Broadcast Concluded
B24 サインオフ

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