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Poison Girl Friend - exQuisxx  LP (Black Vinyl)

Poison Girl Friend - exQuisxx LP (Black Vinyl)

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The compilation titled "exQuisxx" emerges as a creation from the imaginative depths of POiSON GiRL FRiEND's musical prowess. It's an amalgamation drawn from three distinct works: "Shyness," "Mr. Polyglot Remix," and "Love Me," all of which graced the world through Nippon Columbia between 1993 and 1994. The very title "exQuisxx" bears an enchanting fusion of the French term "exquis," evoking feelings of delight and beauty, along with the symbol "xx," entwining a sense of intimacy and a kiss.

POiSON GiRL FRiEND's unique musical signature, accompanied by her seductive whispering vocals, seamlessly melds ambient techno and trip hop with the allure of French pop. This distinctive fusion has not only been revisited and appreciated within the United States and England but has also garnered global acclaim. Often hailed as "Japan's techno pioneer," this recognition reverberates across the world. A testament to this phenomenon is found in the recognition bestowed by British singer-songwriter Arlo Parks, a distinguished BRIT Award recipient. During her recent visit to Japan in July, Parks was asked by the media about her current interests in Japanese artists, and she promptly singled out "POiSON GiRL FRiEND" as a name of distinction..

Record Label:

Nippon Columbia HMJA-197




Side A
1. Love Is...
2. Histoire d'O
3. Love Me, Please Love Me
4. Shyness (feat. Louis Philippe)
5. Secret Track

Side B
1. Mr. Polyglot - radio reconstruction mix (feat. Simon Fisher Turner)
2. Monche
3. Pure Selfishness (feat. Momus)
4. Dreamer's Ball -hysteric ball mix-
5. The End of History