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Mariko Katsuragi - Aoyama Nights LP (Black Vinyl)

Mariko Katsuragi - Aoyama Nights LP (Black Vinyl)

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Riding the crest of Japan's 1980s cultural and economic boom, a group of young studio musicians hailing from Tokyo's vibrant districts of Akihabara and Kanda converged for impromptu recording sessions between 1982 and 1986. Their mission? To craft the next big domestic hit album – a sonic journey through the urban yet solitary landscape of Asia, now celebrated worldwide.

Under the moniker City Heights, led by guitarist-turned-arranger-producer HASEGAWA Joe (Jô) and keyboardist KATSURAG Mariko, these sessions epitomized Tokyo's musical melting pot of the early 1980s. Drawing from a rich tapestry of jazz, funk, boogie, and infused with the essence of Japan's finest electronic instruments, the City Heights project was poised to redefine the soundscape of the era.

Now, meticulously restored, remastered, and occasionally enhanced by Japanese music aficionado Sten Saluveer, known as MILDHANS, this highly anticipated second volume invites you on a captivating voyage. From the wistful nights of love in Aoyama to the lively bustle of Jô's hometown Kanda during the festive matsuri, from the dreamy allure of Taipei's jasmine-scented nights to a playful homage to a legendary musical hero of the time – immerse yourself in the evocative soundscape of City Heights.


Record Label:

Memme Vaev MMV002

Barcode: 826853004503



A1 • 青山ナイツ (Aoyama Nights)
A2 • 串焼き(Kushiyaki)
B1 • 黒い犬細野 (Kuroiinu Hosono)
B2 • ジャスミンドリーム ・ 台北 ストリい (Jasmine Dream)