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Wilco ‎– Summerteeth Deluxe Edition 5xLP (Black Vinyl)
Wilco ‎– Summerteeth Deluxe Edition 5xLP (Black Vinyl)
Wilco ‎– Summerteeth Deluxe Edition 5xLP (Black Vinyl)

Wilco ‎– Summerteeth Deluxe Edition 5xLP (Black Vinyl)

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Wilco ‎– Summerteeth Deluxe Edition - box set with 5 black vinyl records. 


The five-LP set features Bob Ludwig’s 2020 remastered studio album as well as the unreleased demos, alternates and outtake recordings pressed on 180-gram vinyl. However, instead of the Colorado concert included in the CD package, the LP version contains a special, exclusive performance from early 1999 titled, An Unmitigated Disaster, a previously unreleased live in-store performance at Tower Records on March 11, 1999, just two days after the album was released. The 10-song set, which was broadcast on Chicago radio station WXRT-FM, highlights several tracks from Summerteeth (“We’re Just Friends,” “How To Fight Loneliness” and “Can’t Stand It”). This show will only be available in the LP collection.


Record Label:

Reprise Records – R1 643504 / 603497846054

Barcode: 603497846054



A1 Can't Stand It
A2 She's A Jar
A3 A Shot In The Arm
A4 We're Just Friends
B1 I'm Always In Love
B2 Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)
B3 Pieholden Suite
B4 How To Fight Loneliness
C1 Via Chicago
C3 My Darling
C4 When You Wake Up Feeling Old
D1 Summer Teeth
D2 In A Future Age
D3 Candyfloss
D4 A Shot In The Arm (Remix)
Outtakes / Alternates / Demos
E1 Tried And True (Demo)
E2 I'm Always In Love (Demo)
E3 All I Need (Demo)
E4 I'll Sing It (Demo)
E5 Two Guitars (Instrumental Demo)
E6 Candyfloss (Demo)
E7 In A Future Age (Demo)
F1 No Hurry (Demo)
F2 She's A Jar (Demo)
F3 Can't Locator It (Guitar Riff Demo)
F4 Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again) (Demo)
F5 Summer Teeth (Slow Rhodes Version)
F6 Pieholden Suite (Alternate)
G1 I'm Always In Love (Early Run-Through)
G2 My Darling (Alternate)
G3 Tried And True (Alternate)
G4 She's A Jar (Alternate)
G5 Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again) (Alternate)
G6 Candyfloss (Intro)
H1 Every Little Thing (Alternate)
H2 Viking Dan (Outtake)
H3 We're Just Friends / Yee Haw (10/29/99 Minneapolis Soundcheck)
H4 Summer Teeth (Alternate)
H5 In A Future Age (Take 3)
An Unmitigated Disaster: 3/11/99 Tower Records / WXRT
I1 Intro
I2 I'm Always In Love
I3 Via Chicago
I4 How To Fight Loneliness
I5 She's A Jar
J1 We're Just Friends
J2 Can't Stand It
J3 I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
J4 Forget The Flowers
J5 California Stars