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Nadja - Tsukihoshihi  LP (Black Vinyl)

Nadja - Tsukihoshihi LP (Black Vinyl)

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Birds are singing, a soft female voice embraces the stars, then the funk hits the fan: the second album of mysterious Japanese singer Nadja haunts immediately and marks one of the most exquisite reissues in the ever-growing catalogue of Studio Mule. Originally released in 1989 as promo only CD on the Japanese label Polystar, the album features some of the finest eighties pop funk fusion arrangements of the era. A deeply enchanting lost gem, that gets listeners instantly into heavy repeat addiction.Ten arrangements by a bunch of high-grade arrangers, that all left Nadja’s voice enough space to widespread her talent as a supremely seducing singer, who wrote all lyrics, vocals and chorus by herself in order to present her touching vocal class in a vivid, bewitching timeless style. Come in and get ensnared!


Record Label:

Studio Mule – Studio Mule 34

Barcode: 4250101418792



A1 La Clarte
A2 Wac-Wack
A3 頬に紅い恋
A4 夢のとりこ
A5 真珠のように
B1 Velvet Rain
B2 Paradise Catcher ~サンスブラッシュの悪夢~
B3 Private Tripper
B4 地図をずっと南へ
B5 風の女