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Akina Nakamori - Diva LP  (Black Vinyl)

Akina Nakamori - Diva LP (Black Vinyl)

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Diva (stylized as DIVA) stands as the twenty-third studio album by the illustrious Japanese singer Akina Nakamori, marking her final studio release of the 2000s. Released on 26 August 2009 under the Universal Music Japan label, this album is a captivating culmination of Nakamori's musical journey during that era.

Noteworthy is the international collaboration featured in the album, with music producers hailing from the United States, adding a global flavor to Nakamori's sound.

Within the album's rich tapestry are Akina's original compositions, including the poignant "Heartbreak," credited under her pseudonym Miran:Miran.

Record Label:

Universal Music Japan – UPJY-9351

Barcode: 4988031592960



Side A
02. DIVA
03. thinking of you
05. 逢えなくて
Side B
06. X lady
08. with
09. 茜色の風
10. Going home