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The Midnight - Heroes 2xLP (Translucent Blue Vinyl)

The Midnight - Heroes 2xLP (Translucent Blue Vinyl)

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The Midnight Message

"The last 2 years have been very difficult for many people. 'Heartbeat' is a reminder that love and empathy are not finite resources. There is enough love." - The Midnight

Synthwave stars are shining brighter and brighter 

June 8, 2022 - The Midnight are excited to announce their new full-length studio album, Heroes, will be released on September 9 via Counter Records. Along with this news, the band is sharing a new single, "Heartbeat," - you can listen to it below. Heroes is a marked change in sound for the duo, who have expanded their lineup to include three live musicians - Lelia Broussard on bass, Royce Whittaker on guitar and Justin Klunk on saxophone and synthesizer. Both Broussard and Whittaker are working together on the new album, which was produced by McEwan and mixed by Ingmar Carlson (Tate McCrae, Disclosure, Carly Rae Jepsen).


The Midnight Trilogy: Kids, The Monsters and now... Heroes

Heroes is also the third album in a trilogy that began with Kids, released in 2018, which reached #1 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Chart and was followed by Monsters (availble here) in 2020. "...For me, Kids is about self-awareness, Monsters is about self-love, and then Heroes is about empathy," - Lyle said. "I delved into depth psychology and the idea of etiology, the way a person is shaped," - he said of Heroes, adding that "the world doesn't get better, but we do. We grow into ourselves. We're maturing into our voice." Make  sure to have all three albums in your collection.  


The Midnight Heroes vinyl release

This is a limited edition of The Midnight's latest album released on translucent blue vinyl. Record is  housed in gloss varnish sleeve with printed inner sleeves.


Record Label:

Counter Records COUNT234




A1 Golden Gate
A2 Brooklyn. Friday. Love.
A3 Heartbeat
B1 A Place of Her Own
B2 Heroes
B3 Heart Worth Breaking
C1 Loved by You
C2 Aerostar
C3 Change Your Heart or Die
D1 Avalanche
D2 Souvenir
D3 Photograph
D4 Energy Never Dies, It Just Transforms