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Tales Of Symphonia Soundtrack 3xLP (Translucent Green Marble Vinyl)

Tales Of Symphonia Soundtrack 3xLP (Translucent Green Marble Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person.

Tales Of Symphonia soundtrack, pressed on limited green marble vinyl records. 



Record Label

Ship To Shore Phonograph Co. – STS-076

Barcode: 6 16967 89990 0



A1 Tales of Symphonia 0:57
A2 A Prologue 1:08
A3 Old Familiar Scent of Iselia 2:53
A4 Lloyd 1:41
A5 Refill 1:51
A6 Kratos 1:54
A7 Standing The Pain 4:17
A8 The Land of Sylvarant 3:32
A9 Full Force 1:26
A10 Won the Battle 0:40
B1 Desert Flower 3:58
B2 The Struggle to Survive 2:23
B3 Rovers 2:08
B4 Town of a Wind and Ruins 2:33
B5 Water Symphony 2:29
B6 Romany Caravan 1:58
B7 Escape From Enemy Base 2:46
B8 Collette ~It Is Sad~ 2:38
B9 Confusion 1:49
C1 Delightful Day 3:16
C2 Off-Key 1:38
C3 Moonlight 2:31
C4 The Grudge 2:26
C5 Fatalize 2:11
C6 On the Tight Rope 2:20
C7 New One World 3:24
C8 On the Hill at Night 1:55
C9 Floating in the Air 1:14
C10 Far From Our World 2:03
D1 The Kingdom City of Meltokio 3:01
D2 A Selfish Want 2:13
D3 Tethe Alla Castle 2:01
D4 Walking on Tethe Alla 2:06
D5 Academic City 1:56
D6 Regal 2:21
D7 Shihna 1:57
D8 Shinobi Life 2:35
D9 Dry Trail 2:59
D10 In a Shadowy Woods 1:49
E1 Deepest Woods 2:11
E2 Dance in the Sunshine 1:50
E3 Aviators ~Rhea-bird~ 2:54
E4 Forest of the Treant 3:06
E5 Mithos 2:57
E6 Judgement of Mana 3:06
E7 Fighting of the Spirit 3:13
E8 Search a Seal ~Tethe Alla~ 2:55
F1 The End of a Thought 3:38
F2 Beat the Angel 2:32
F3 Derris-Karlan ~Appear~ 1:42
F4 Last Battle ~Decision~ 3:31
F5 Final Destination 3:14
F6 Revival 3:05
F7 Ending Staff Roll 6:07