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Resident Evil 3 (Original Soundtrack) 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

Resident Evil 3 (Original Soundtrack) 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

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Continuing the legacy of the Resident Evil vinyl series, Laced Records presents the thrilling soundtrack of Resident Evil 3 remake, plunging fans into the heart-pounding pursuit of Jill Valentine by the relentless Nemesis in stunning HD.

With painstaking attention to detail, 24 tracks from the game have been expertly mastered for vinyl, awaiting pressing onto traditional black heavyweight discs. These vinyl gems are luxuriously housed within a deluxe gatefold sleeve, adorned with captivating sleeve artwork courtesy of Capcom.

Helmed by the seasoned Resident Evil contributor Masami Ueda, the game's esteemed composition team, including talents such as Kota Suzuki, Takayasu Sodeoka, Azusa Kato, Ryo Koike, Takumi Saito, and Saori Maeda, come together to craft a score that plunges listeners into the anxious, atmospheric tension unique to Resident Evil titles. From pulsating action cues to revisiting nostalgic 1999 themes, this soundtrack promises to captivate fans and set pulses racing with its expertly crafted soundscapes.

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1. A New Threat is Born
2. Escape
3. The City of Chaos
4. Coming to Kill You
5. The City of Ruin
6. Nemesis' Theme
7. Desperate Ascent
8. Free From Fear
9. Fighting in the Flames
10. No Other Way
11. The City Without Hope
12. Invincible Nemesis
13. Battle Against the Beast
14. Save Room
15. Surrounded by Terror
16. Determined to Find Carlos
17. Laboratory
18. Chase
19. Metamorphosis
20. Take Back the Vaccine
21. Every Mistake Has a Cost
22. The End of Raccoon City
23. Sadness and Regret