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Logic System - Venus  LP (Black Vinyl)

Logic System - Venus LP (Black Vinyl)

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Get ready to embark on a cosmic journey with Logic System's "Venus," now available on black vinyl.

Originally released in 1981, "Venus" is a pioneering album in the world of electronic music, featuring the innovative and futuristic sound of Logic System. The album includes hits like "Be Yourself" and "Unit," which have become classics of the genre.

This limited edition black vinyl release features a high-quality remaster of the original album, complete with a full-color inner sleeve and exclusive liner notes. The sleek design captures the essence of Logic System's music, with its pulsing rhythms and otherworldly synths.

Experience the magic of Logic System's "Venus" like never before with this essential LP release. Order now and add this groundbreaking album to your collection of electronic music.


Record Label

Wewantsounds – WWSLP35

Barcode: 3700604725497



A1 Make It Last Forever 8:14
A2 Do As I Do 10:04
B1 It Ain't No Big Thing 6:30
B2 Mr. Blindman 5:05
B3 I'm A Love Bug 4:15