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Barbie The Film Score - Mark Ronson  Andrew Wyatt LP (Pink Marble Vinyl)

Barbie The Film Score - Mark Ronson Andrew Wyatt LP (Pink Marble Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person

Prepare to be transported to the magical world of Barbie with the mesmerizing original score, "Melodic Reverie: Barbie's Enchanted Melodies," composed by the dynamic duo Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt. This soundtrack captures the essence of the beloved film Barbie, helmed by the visionary director Greta Gerwig and starring the enchanting Margot Robbie and charismatic Ryan Gosling as the iconic Barbie and Ken.

As creators of the score, Ronson and Wyatt share, “Greta's Barbie is an emotional tapestry that ignited our creative spirits. The music had to breathe life into every emotion, ranging from heart-rending to dance-worthy. We crafted melodies and rhythms that seamlessly blend with the film's diverse moments. Vintage analog synths embraced the warmth Greta desired, while the lushness of orchestral arrangements brought richness to the narrative. Our journey through the nights and dawn for Barbie was an artistic joy that we hope resonates with listeners."

Elevating Gerwig's vision, the eagerly anticipated soundtrack transports fans deep into the heart of the Barbie Universe, offering an auditory journey that mirrors the enchantment of the film itself.

Discover "Melodic Reverie: Barbie's Enchanted Melodies" on radiant "Enchanted Rose" colored vinyl, meticulously presented in elegant LP jackets adorned with a captivating lustrous finish. Inside, a 12" x 12" collector's insert adds an extra layer of enchantment, inviting you to delve into the music that breathed life into Greta's magical film. Experience the melodies that captured hearts, embarking on a harmonic adventure through the captivating realm of Barbie.


    Record Label:

    Waxwork WW195




    Creation of Barbie
    Pink ("Barbie" Opening Theme) *Lizzo Cover
    Beach Off
    Ken Thinks
    Stairway to Weird Barbie
    Thoughts of Death
    Send Me Through the Portal
    Ken Makes a Discovery
    Bus Stop Billie *Billie Eilish Cover
    Meeting Ruth *Billie Eilish Cover
    You Failed Me!
    Alan vs Kens
    Warmth of Your Gaze
    An Ending
    I Don't Have an Ending
    What Was I Made For? (Epilogue) *Billie Eilish Cover