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Akiko Yano - Tadaima.  LP (Black Vinyl)

Akiko Yano - Tadaima. LP (Black Vinyl)

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Introducing the iconic LP, "Tadaima" by Akiko Yano, now available in black vinyl via Wewantsounds.

Originally released in 1981, "Tadaima" is widely considered one of Yano's most influential and beloved albums, featuring a unique blend of pop, new wave, and experimental sounds that showcase her versatile musical talents.

With hits like "Harusaki Kobeni" and "Ishin Denshin," the album has captured the hearts of music lovers for decades and continues to be a timeless classic.

The black vinyl edition of "Tadaima" is the perfect addition to any music collector's library, boasting superior sound quality and a sleek design that captures the album's essence.

Experience the magic of Akiko Yano's "Tadaima" like never before with this limited edition LP release. Order now and immerse yourself in the world of one of Japan's most influential and innovative artists.

Record Label

Wewantsounds – WWSLP16

Barcode: 3700604718369



A1 ただいま (Tadaima)
A2 いつか王子様が (Itsuka Ojisamaga)
A3 Vet
A4 Ashkenazy Who?
A5 いらないもん (Iranaimon)
B1 たいようのおなら (Taiyo No Onara)
B2 I Sing
B3 春咲小紅 (Harusaki Kobani)
B4 Rose Garden